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2 Months Without Service

My family and I have been waiting for over two months to receive service to our home. Multiple calls with customer service and missed appointments by Telus representatives and still we wait.. please explain how this happens.


because telus is very "good" with their service.

Old house never had any problems with our wifi or ethernet connection.

When we move into my new house, they decide to put our router in the worst spot possible in our house. Terrible wifi speeds.

A year and 1/2 later they give us free Wi-FI boosters, yay! 

All good until they drop connection on all devices. (Ex. Using my pc to download a video game, wifi booster drops all connections including mine and other devices connected to the wifi booster.

Have tried restarting it constantly over and over and nothing helps. I'd rather not contact Telus Technicians because I don't want to pay for something that should've been good from the start. 


@JoshWall We are customers only here. Have you contacted telus and signed for a service that you wish for. No one here can help you get what what you want. Yes it does take a fair amount of time on the phone to get things set up. Polecat

Have you read his post, he stated that he called "multiple times" and had "missed appointments" multiple times.

@AsianLightning  Two months to resolve the issue? There is more to this than what was stated.