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Where can i submit a complaint to the sales department?

Just Moved In

Called TELUS on Monday the 5th, gave the sales person all my information and they said they did not have my address in the system and they would contact me in a day or two to continue the process.


Two days later (7th) I had not been contacted, I phoned sales again and the guy started a new order. I was told nothing was put through so he would have do to it, I gave him all the same information and was told installation would be on the 21st (10 business days after today). I told him that I had started this process on the 5th and that I needed my office connected earlier so he said he would look into getting it hooked up sooner. I got an e-mail asking for information regarding the company and I sent off the details. He later responded telling me my booking was for the 19th, I let him know the latest I could be connected was the 15th and let me know if it couldn’t happen. He responded saying he escalated it to his manager so I could get the 15th.


On Friday (9th) I got a call from someone asking me if I wanted morning on the 19th or evening. I explained again that the 15th was important and if they couldn’t do it I had to cancel and go with Shaw. He told me he understood and that he was going to escalate it to get the 15th

On Monday (12th) I got a call from someone asking me if I wanted morning or evening on the 19th. I explained again that my deadline was the 15th and that if they couldn’t do it that I needed to cancel the order. He responded by asking me if the evening on the 19th was good. I asked him if he was even listening to me and he responded with 'what time on the 19th is good for you'. I asked to speak to his manager, he forwarded me and the manager told me he knew what was up, then he asked me when on the 19th was good for me. I explained that the 15th was my deadline and that if they couldn’t do it I needed to cancel. He asked me one more time for a time on the 19th and I told him to cancel the order. He told me he would escalate this to see if I could get the 15th and that I could expect a call back today or tomorrow. I told him if I didn’t get a call back by 3pm that he can cancel the request.


At 3pm I got a call from someone else who said I was booked in for the 19th and if there was a specific time I wanted. I told him I needed the 15th and if it could not happen that I would have to go to Shaw. He got annoyed and told me all about how fiber is new to them and asked me when on the 19th. I asked him to cancel the request, he told me that he wouldn’t charge me anything and hung up fairly quickly after that.

TELUS wasted about an hour and a half of my time in total, not including the fact I had to wait so many days for an answer I should have gotten the first day.


Long story short the bait and switch your sales team pulled cost me time and money. I wanted to submit feedback to your sales department so that perhaps in the future you could rectify this. There is no such means.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @dancw, thank you for the feedback. This is definitely not the kind of experience that we strive to deliver, and I sincerely apologize for everything that happened. Would you be able to send me a private message with any additional pertinent information (order number, business name, etc)? I will make sure that this case is investigated fully and that appropriate actions are taken to prevent incidents like this from reoccurring. If there is anything further that I can do to assist you and your business, please let me know.

Just Moved In

They have great difficulty managing and responding to bills. Mine doubled when I moved though I am under a contract. Wait times on the phone are excessive. Have been waiting over almost 2 hours. BAD BAD SERVICE