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Just Moved In
Hello, so during the recent Black Friday deal, me and my friend who are two international students were offered a deal for koodoo monthly mobile plan. We took that but the representative insisted us on taking the ADT while we refused since it wasn't needed. He insisted again as we tried to leave and said its free for us and it's only two years and we can cancel. After a while of him explaining how it works and how it's great for us two girls living in an apartment alone he stuck that system on our name. He never mentioned any contract or such, we were concerned about our mobile plan and billing and that's all the information we gave. Two months since then we are suddenly getting charges of $30 to our accounts. Yes, it seems like a small amount but it's for the next five years. We are literally not sure if we will be here the next four years since our studies finish this year. This is so ridiculous. He signed my roommates name without permission, the digital signature, just typing our her full name and emailed us the contract. Its our fault for overlooking it and thinking it was koodoo mobile plan email but we reopened today to find out it's a whole contract bound for next five years and the cancellation fee is $1500. What am I supposed to do when in this case when my roommates name and information has been used without permission in this way and falsely signed a contract. Is there any way out of this? Who should I contact? The customer support only replies we can cancel for you but the cancellation fee could be more than $1500 and they don't know.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Mehreen 
I'm sorry to hear about the persistence of the agent selling you the product.  Did you receive the copy of the contract.  If you did not sign it yourself the contract should not be valid.  Also, you do have 10 days to cancel the contract from the time you receive the copy of it.  
Please contact 1-855-958-8181 to dispute the contract.