My mother has been advised her bill will now be paperless. She's 83


She only uses her phone to talk to her grand kids and family. She needs the paper bill or will forget to pay.

What options are available to her?


You make perfect sense.  Telus is always trying to push paperless on me, but it's simply a matter of saying NO.  You just have to phone Telus (if you have at least an hour to wait on hold), and tell them that your grandmother definitely wants to keep her paper bills coming every month.  I go Internet frequently, and go often to my Telus account online, and you can easily make the mistake of accepting to go paperless.  But a telephone call can always correct this.  If they are telling her that her bill will now not come in the mail, that is NOT a decision they can make; it's still up to her.  I suffered severe head injury in an automobile accident, and the paper bills are invaluable.  It helps to have a reason.  But you don't need one.  The  challenge is contacting them.

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It had been Telus policy to send e-bills only to internet connected customers. If the individual involved has no internet, that would be reason not to accept paperless.


Would automatic withdrawal from a bank account be a simpler option once set up?



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If she can't get the paper bill to continue, though I think it's mandated by the CRTC that paper bills must always be an option, for a cost, obviously, Telus can email the bill to you, or another relative, who can notify her, and print it for her if need be, or her bank can set-up recurrent payments, if her bill is always the same, and maybe if it's not, do ask them. I would not go with auto-debit, banks don't like it, as any auto-withdrawal is open to abuse.