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Get your act together Telus I've been on the phone for over 50 minutes no callback option and 18 people in the online chat queue? 


This is completely unacceptable if we serviced our customers this poorly we'd be out of business 




Community Power User
Community Power User

Instead of venting, can you provide information about the problem you're calling Telus about? If it's billing related you'll still need to speak with Telus but if it's service related (Optik, Internet, Landline), please ask and the other users here will try our best to help you.

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Community Power User
Community Power User
Unfortunately various calls can take longer than expected. While hold times are generally long. Once you speak to an agent,they will handle your inquiry from start to finish till you're satisfied..

Generally calling or chatting first thing in the morning is the optimal time. Before they get high call volumes.

 70minutes currently and still waiting IS UNACCEPTABLE your excuses about time of day or call volumes are irrelevant


and your condescending response is extremely unwelcome my call is in regards to a billing error made by Telus if they don't feel that's important enough to answer a call in a timely fashion I suppose I won't take paying the bill seriously either 

No response from the peanut gallery needed unless you're a Telus rep that wishes to rectify the issue 

100 minutes on hold ANYONE HOME? 

you still on hold?

@WestCoasterBC wasn't being condescending he was simply trying to provide a rational reason as to why the wait times could be so long. This is a community where we try to thoughtfully provide answers to customer inquiries. It is inhabited by employees and other customers. No one is paid to be here or has to answer inquiries. If you need to get your frustrations out that is fine but, you are taking it out on the wrong people. These are the people volunteering their time to try and help answer inquiries for the customers who have turned elsewhere to avoid the long wait times. Unfortunately, we can only answer general inquiries and can not make any changes to your account for you. 

Mobility Client Care Rep

Unfortunately your customer service is still a joke, don't make stuff up, hire more people, after all your paying them minimum wage and your corporation is benefiting not us you clowns

Ya I've bin trying for 3 days it sucks bigtime

Friendly Neighbour
I've currently been waiting in the call que now for 2 1/2 hours. And all I need is an answer about a billing question and to see if I need to have my DSL modem replaced. But I do have to agree that the wait times are a little excessive.

Telus wait times used to be quite good. I used to be able to get a hold of a Telus rep within 10-15 minutes, even as recently as last year (2016). I have noticed it has gone steadily down hill. Lately online chat, or phone support wait times have been at a minimum of 1 hour plus wait times. That is unacceptable, as most of the times that people have to call Telus support, it is due to an error on Telus' part to begin with. I am thinking that since 2016, Telus must have changed companies that they have outsourced their support to. Don't think I haven't noticed that in 2016, the support representatives seemed to have Canadian accents, and now (2017) it's very obvious that the agents have a heavy foreign accent. I remember that Telus used to proudly advertise that they offered Canadian based help. Where did that level of support go? Follow the dollars right into the pocket of your executives I imagine.

There are also Canadians that have foreign accents as well. Doesn't make them any less qualified to help you. I've also never heard any claims of only Canadian based help.

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Whenever I call into a call center, the first question I ask is "Is English your first language"? If they say no, then I hang up. Yeah, I'm not politically correct, so what? I don't consider it politically correct for a company to take lots of our money and yet transfer jobs away from the country in which they serve. Don't like my opinion?... Go suck a lemon.