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Telephone hold time.


I was on hold for over an hour for technical support.


Can you please initiate call back service rather than make callers wait so long.


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Community Power User
Interestingly, at Telus’ little brother Koodo, they have implemented a call back system, and get many requests for a call hold system.

I guess the grass is greener...

I agree a quality call back system would be a nice addition, but find Twitter Instagram or their Facebook presence to be as good.
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Hi - could I ask for clarification on what a call hold system is? If it is the state of being on hold, I don't understand why anyone would request it rather than having the option of a callback. If they prefer to stay on the line and wait, they can, and those who prefer a callback can opt for that. 

Am I misunderstanding the term "call hold system"?


Some departments of TELUS Home services (TV, Internet, Home Phone) does, initiate callback procedures once the phone call get severed. Always keep their toll free #'s at hand just in-case if in the next 2 - 3 minutes after the call gets severed , no callback was attempted to reach you.


Home Services Customer Care Hotline: 310 - 2255
Online Orders: 1-855-443-6611

Home Services Technical Support Department: 310 - TECH (8324)


I'm a long time TELUS customer and also a former employee now retired.  I've see the company go thru massive changes starting from my first year in 1995 all to way up to participating in rolling out the Fibre fed digital world we're in today.  I've also experienced the worst and often the best in customer service from TELUS as a customer but every once in a while a phone session with a CSR (customer service rep) really shines from start to finish.  Today I had a session with an offshore TELUS rep who I was connected to with virtually 0 wait time and who stayed with me on the call to fulfill every one of my requests as well as solving a number of web related service and billing issues.


I'd like to give a big thanks to Miller in Manila for restoring my commitment to staying with TELUS for my Internet, Phone and Optik TV services.

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Have similar background and experienced extremely different experience this year. Sent requests for service changes in January and February 2019 ... and neither request has been actioned as yet.


Telus used to have a call back service years ago. Very handy feature and they should never have dropped it, IMHO.