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TELUS Public Wi-Fi

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You’re out and about and your friend sends you a funny cat video.  Problem is, you’re not sure how much data you have remaining.  No worries, we’ve got your back; you can use TELUS Wi-Fi.


TELUS Wi-Fi public is a free service offered to different locations to keep you connected outside from home.  TELUS Wi-Fi finder is a tool you can use to see where the service is offered.


Who can access it: 


The service is available to TELUS and non-TELUS clients to use on all Wi-Fi ready devices (phones, tablets, laptops)


How do I connect? :

  • You must have a Wi-Fi capable device
  • Scan the available network select #TELUS from your device’s Wi-Fi Menu.
  • Once you open the browser you will be redirected to the TELUS Wi-Fi Registration page
  • Enter you email address and agree to the service terms


Once this is completed, you will have access to all TELUS Wi-Fi locations for 30 days. After that period, you will have to register again.


You can also connect at selected locations using #TELUS Wi-Fi network.  This method will allow you to connect to Wi-Fi network without having to register.  If your device cannot identify #TELUSDirect, use the first method suggested.


Use our TELUS Wi-Fi finder tool to locate the closest hotspot to you:





Alternatively, you can download our app




Android :


Happy Wi-Fi’ing! 


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