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How to use Telus Assist

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TELUS Assist is a virtual assistant that is available any time, on any device, 24/7.  It can help you find answers instantly and perform a number of self-serve transactions, like password reset and data top-up.


  1.  TELUS Assist is available throughout the website on various pages, wherever you see the purple TELUS Assist icon. For instant access, bookmark to automatically launch TELUS Assist.


  2. The virtual assistant recognizes keywords to understand your question.
    • “How much is my bill?”
    • “Change rate plan”
    • “Internet troubleshooting
  3. To be connected to the next available live chat agent or have an agent call you back, type “agent” at any time. If you’re chatting after hours, you can request a call back the next day.




To try Telus Assist, visit or learn how our virtual assistant can help you get instant answers - anytime, anywhere here

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