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Can someone explain this chart to me?

Organizer I saw a few weeks ago that we were supposed to get Android Phone for Huawei P20 Pro back in January but nothing. Does this chart not predict the roll out?

Community Power User
Community Power User
Generally it does not announce in advance the Android Pie for P20, is just now rolling out according to users on a number of sites.
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It's more of an inaccurate update history rather than a schedule.


Device updates come straight from the manufacturer!  Outside of a little testing and injecting their bloatware.  Telus has no control over when an update will hit a device.  

My P20 Pro, on the Telus Network, got its Pie update on Dec 25th. Purchased the P20 new on Feb 20th with updates not coming through until we inserted the SIM, after that we first received UMUI 8.1.xx then EMUI 9.0.0 including the January 1st security patch. This even though the Telus Software Update Schedule page isn't listing the P20 as a recipient.