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no internet in calgary NE for almost 8 hours now!?
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Have you contacted Telus to report? It may be localized to your connection. It hasn’t been reported on the Service Status page.



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NE calgary here too and exact same for us, no internet for almost 8hrs! I've contacted them like 7hrs ago and they said it might be gone for 24 to 48hrs. This is unbelievable!
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@Zeee If the outage pertains to a fibre line cut/damaged it can take significant time to repair. Just speculating that’s the case since nothing has been reported to the status page.

When you called in, if the rep gave you a time frame it seems they’re aware of the issue.

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Outages, depending on the cause, can go on for a few days, and they won't be stated on any official page. A couple of years ago Shaw went out over a wide swath of BC, outage maps around the internet showed the area and outage as being huge, but Shaw said nothing openly, though their phone line gave an outage report message, it was vague. It went on for so long and was so big, the media finally reported on it, but still Shaw said nothing. Finally Shaw broke their silence by saying something like road workers had cut one of Shaw's lines, but apparently the area they gave for the cut had no road work happening. It was all very strange, and cause for a lot frustration and conspiracy theories. Lol. But silence, and then spin, happens from service providers more often than not.