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Not Getting Gigabit Speeds!


Hey everyone,


Recently upgraded to the Telus 950/750 plan, managed to score a pretty sweet deal on it too so that's nice as well. Only problem seems to be I'm not even getting near the rated speeds that telus claims on their website. I managed to pull at BEST 450Mbps download, but somehow managed to get the full 750 for upload. As far as I'm concerned, all my cables are up to date (CAT6 and CAT5e) and my router supports gigabit speeds (ASUS AC2600) and same with my PC motherboard. I have a fairly top of the line PC as well so I don't think that is the bottleneck.


I've talked with the service advisors and they gave me the basic run down of did you reset everything and all that and I told them I did, so they said they would send a tech out whenever it would fit best for me. However, before I get them out here, I just wanted to hear some feedback from you guys to make sure I'm not missing something here.


Also noting that before I was on the Gigabit plan, I have the Telus 300/300, and I would get well above rated speeds, in the neighborhood of around 350/350. So what do you guys think? Should I get the tech out here to check things out or is there something I'm not picking up on here.


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It's entirely possible the server you're trying to download from just doesn't have the bandwidth needed to come close to 900+mbps for a single user.

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Huh, just brought my PC upstairs and tested the internet directly to my PC and it showed a full 970 download and 760 upload. Strange.


Also if it helps I'm running an Ethernet line off the wireless PVR down in the basement because when the tech showed up to first install my internet he claimed that there was no way to get Ethernet down the in basement without costing thousands of dollars, so he said we will just have to use Wi-Fi for all our basement devices.


So that was my compromise, running an Ethernet cable down from the back of the wireless PVR and into my router, which then goes into my PC. Strange how before I was able to get max speeds and even more, but now I can't seem to pull even half of what I'm paying for. If this is the case, I might just call it and downgrade back to 300/300.

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Not strange at all. The Wi-Fi does not operate at gigabit speeds. I see a max of about 460 Mbps on Wi-Fi.
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Yeah that makes sense. I guess there really is no point in gigabit speeds for me than. Might as well just go back to 300/300 since nobody else in the house is using wired except for me. Kinda sucks that the Telus tech couldn't get the wire down to the basement, but I guess I'll just have to live with that.

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No reason YOU can’t run a wire to the basement; your volunteer labour comes at a lower cost! 😁


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Haha yes that is true. I've tried running a wire from the main floor to the basement, but there really is no way I can get it there without running cables in odd spots and causing tripping hazards and whatnot. It sucks but what can you do sometimes. I'll ask around to see if there is a way to get a cable straight from the garage ONT to the basement, but I've heard only one port is active on that so I might be out of luck there as well.

You'd need to go from the T3200 modem. The ONT doesn't have the translated internet pieces available so whatever goes to your basement has to come from the T3200. I'd say get a box of CAT6 from Home Depot, cut a few well placed holes and run it like a boss! I paid an electrician to do it but if you're thoughtful and careful it should be doable.

i recently got upgraded from 300 to 750

max you can get is about 540 mbps and wifi on your cell phone is about 340mbps  

if you read what they offer carefully, they said up to 750 mbps  not promising 750 mbps

I have tech came over to my house and already told me that no one is getting 750 mbps . so unless you get a great deal to switch, otherwise don't bother.

I don't believe that a knowledgeable Telus technician would ever say that nobody is getting those speeds. The speeds advertised on Pure Fibre plans are guaranteed on hard wired connections with compatible devices. This means a newer PC or laptop with a network adapter capable of reaching 750 or 1 gig speeds will get those speeds or higher on a wired connection. WiFi speeds are not guaranteed due to the various WiFi disturbers that can exist in either your home or a neighbor.

This couldn't be more wrong, if you're not wired you won't get those speeds but every port in my house gets 950+ up/down.