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Matching shaw speed?

I currently am a shaw customer looking to switch. Right now I believe I have shaw 150 or 300. Either way my games never have issues or streaming movies and stuff are never freezing but there prices are going up. Telus says they cant match the speed that shaw is doing all prices aside. I find this hard to believe as I live downtown Calgary and I believe telus uses the same wires in the wall as shaw would. I think the rep is just typing it into his computer and reading his outdated info of my location on his computer and not thinking about the situation. Cant telus match shaw?

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It’s not whether or not they can match the speed. It all depends on the infrastructure in your area and what it supports. If it’s copper or fibre serviced will be the deciding factor.

You can see what is available in your area Here.

Just to add on,Telus is the only service provider to provide you Internet on a dedicated line unlike Shaw & other providers Telus doesn't use shared lines, so that eventually means less dropouts and slowdowns plus less fluctuations & buffering, even Telus high speed internet 75 can beat Shaw 150.

Thanks for the info! I play ps4 online games while my girlfriend is watching netflix and dont want it to slow down if I switch to telus 75. In your opinion you think I'd be good with that?

You know when it comes to gaming, upload speed plays an important role & being on dedicated line Telus offers you the best of upload and download speed, better upload speed means lesser pings and will lead to an ultimate gaming experience !


Go for it, you'll find a huge difference.

That age old argument about "Shaw using shared lines and Telus is not" is not valid.  The internet is a "shared" resource. There is a convergence - for each and every provider.  The dedicated line only goes to the nearest "node" - Telus has nodes and so does Shaw.  Furthermore, a Tier 1 provider must have connectivity to at least three major convergence points.  An ISP must have adequate capacity in every respect to provide adequate speed, whether it is in your neighbourhood, in the provider's own backbone network, or to the appropriate NAP.  Although it is true that I experienced some saturation in Shaw's network because they over provisioned, that was years ago. They now, from every location I use (I use 3 of them in 3 different cities) have adequate capacity, it is NOT an issue.

I've been using Shaw 150, 250 and 300.  They have the network to support it from what I've seen, which means no capacity problems to all the major points I tested (I do have speed tests).  This includes to major points across Canada, the USA, and Europe.  That said, Telus also has a very good network.  So if a DSL 50 or 75 is good enough for you, go for that.  If you want Shaw 300, they have, fro m what I can see, the capacity to do it (I did many tests over the last few years).  However, if you have a chance to get fiber, that's the best option, because not only do you get better speed, you also get less latency (response time) which is somewhat of a big deal.  However, please let's not revert to the advertising of the early 90's about "nodes".  If some of you are on Shaw where you have lower than promised speed, get on their case about it. Same with Telus.  Or any other provider.  As far as I'm concerned, both Telus and Shaw are good providers.


So just to dumb down what you said lol does that mean telus should offer what shaw can because the lines are shared? And has nothing to do with my location?

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Again it all depends what service is available in the building or your dwelling. As posts previous mentioned below. Copper can not obtain 150 or 300 MBps speeds. Internet 100/30 was the fastest available to copper service.

Fibre is 150 and up.

Agree with what you say but being a sales rep I speak to 100s of Shaw & they have lots of complaints about slowdowns during weekends & peak hours, so nodes/dedicated lines is a big thing.

So im in downtown calgary and telus can only offer me telus 15. So ill stick with shaw. Thanks guys

My comments were based upon actual tests.  Telus has nodes too, they have to, that’s how it works. And yes my 300 megabit Shaw slows down, usually it is 329 or so, and sometimes it slows down to 270 or so, yes congestion.  If others are experiencing problematic congestion they need to call the tech support and get it fixed.  Everything matters in internet, but using 25 year old advertising slogans isn’t so applicable in today’s world.  I work from home, I monitor the connectivity at all times of day.

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Telus offers up to 1 Gbps if you are in the right location, however, if your building is not served by Fibre, or if access is not available to your unit for installation of Fibre or Ethernet or if your building owners will not allow Telus to complete an installation, you may be limited to VDSL speeds of 75 Mbps or less.


And no, Telus does not use the same wires in the wall as Shaw does; at least not until they have installed Fibre and a Router to your dwelling. They can distribute signal over coax within your dwelling, but not to it.


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