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Internet outage for 12 hours

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My internet is pure fiber 300. Got internet disconnect since last night. Called Telus customer service this morning but will need to wait the technician to come until Sunday afternoon. Crazy to have no internet for 3 days.
The modem is orange light. Nokia box is red light indicates fail. Tried to restart both machines but still no luck.

Any ideas?

Community Power User
Community Power User

In addition to it possibly being an issue with either the router or the ONT, it could also be an issue outside your dwelling. If plugging a computer directly into the ONT still does not connect to the internet, there is no do-it-yourself solution.


In my town, a similar waitlist would put the repair to at least Tuesday.

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If the Fail light is lit red on the ONT then the most likely cause is there is no light coming through the Fibre. Your strand was probably unplugged accidentally from the NAP or FDH in the neighborhood nearby. Telus support can see if there is no light level registering at the ONT so they will need to send a tech to bring everything back up.

I am not sure why the technician feels the need to disconnect my strand. We can't afford to be without internet at my place as we have a home based business. No option for Telus Business Internet is available for pure Fibre 300 in my area at the moment either so if I want to upgrade for a more reliable service, it's not possible through Telus. Upon investigation, it was previously found that a technician disconnect our internet less than a month ago and it's likely last night a technician did the same thing again as the Fail light is lit Red on the ONT. In any case, Telus can't get a technician out to look at the issue for at least 2-3 days i.e. Tomorrow due to their service appointment availability. Needless to say, I'll let them fix it this time if this is the case again and will switch over to some other company with more reliable service.