IR Extender for Cisco IPV5050


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I am looking for an IR extender cable (receiver) that will work with the Cisco IPV5050.  Since the box has a dedicated aux IR extender it seems I shouldn't have to buy a full kit but rather just the cable.  I tried and it rarely works.  It is odd but it will work for approximately 5 seconds and then not work for 30 seconds.  I have tried different distances as well as pointing directly at the IR receiver.


Has anyone found a specific product that will work with this receiver?

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There is another discussion along similar lines in the Neighbourhood which may be of help.

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Thanks, I did see this discussion and it seems like will work with the IPV6015.  Does anyone know if both of these boxes receive the same frequencies?  Or is this dependent on the remote which would indicate that it should work on both.


Just an update on this for people that will be getting this box or already own it.


I tried ordering a IR extender from Sewell and it did not work at all, I thought I would give it a try as the frequency range seemed to be within what was needed.


I then tried ordering the IR extender from the link that was provided earlier and this one works perfectly.  As well the shipping time was only 8 business days despite amazon stating that it would take much longer.  Much better option at $10 and only one cord then the complicated kits that others suggest for more like $80


I can confirm that the IR Extender in the link provided works with the Cisco IPV5050 and from another thread someone else has confirmed it works for the IPV6015

I picked up the ir cable you linked to and it works great. But I also needed an extension cable since the 6ft. wasn't long enough. Turns out this one wasn't compatible:

Any recommendations?
KetDirect and cablecreations trrs extension cables also work very well