Hook up PVR without connecting to the Network?


We recently got a new PVR, and after we asked, the Telus guy let us keep our old one, because we have some very important recording on there, like a video on the 100th year anniversary of the college where my great grandparents worked, with footage of my great grandmother, and a newsclip that my little sister was interview for.


The Telus guy, and three people he checked with, all thought that it should work, and that we'd keep the recordings as long as we didn't hook it up to the network.


Any idea how to do that?


The PVR is a CIS430.

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Have you tried playing the recording?  To my knowledge, all recordings on the PVR are encrypted, and need to connect with the 'Mothership' before they will play. In similar fashion, you can't take your PVR to the cottage to play pre-recorded shows - all recordings are attached to your Telus account. You may be able to request a copy of the news item from the archives of the original broadcaster.

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These units mfg cisco and Microsoft the software maker are overly paranoid, because the units are IP bases. To Hollywood that means internet (It's not).

Therefore to get the "ok" these units have all sorts of security paranoia.

1) encrypted recordings
2) hdcp (hdmi copy protection)
3) decryption key to the encrypted recordings kept at Telus data Center, boy in the box.

All this means : you cannot watch recordings unless connected to Telus ip connection (only Telus) .

You cannot connect dvr/pvr to a recording device to save the show(s) on your own DVD , pc recorder.

Here's is what they told me, call in ask for advanced tech support , tell them that you want the Cis430 to be your main pvr, thry will activate it amd you can watch it's recordings . They simply need to switch which dvr unit is your active one. Be careful talk advanced support in Canada not overseas ones they may unintentionally erase your box, due to a lack of fluent english.

I can tell you from personal experience, that 500 series pvr Telus satellite and bell.satellite dvr boxes do not have these limitations , you can watch your recordings as you should be able to.

Those boxes also encrypt the recordings but the key is held some.where inside a secure chip inside the satellite receiver. This could change as the USA and Canada satellite companies now have 2 way boxes with Ethernet ports.