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Home internet not working

Just Moved In
Is there currently an outage in the Edmonton area? Our internet has been working only sporadically for the last 2 days. It is currently not working at all, and we have restarted and checked connections etc many times.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Outages are not that common and Edmonton is massive. There's a good chance it isn't an outage, especially if it's been sporadic for a couple days.


  • Do you have any devices physically plugged in to the Actiontec gateway? 
  • Do you have Optik TV? Is that working?
  • If you're restarted the gateway (Actiontec), what lights do you see lit on it and what color?
  • If you access the gateway/router from your browser ( on a physically connected device, under status does it show connected or something else?

Ultimately if the line to your place is not working, you'll need to speak with Telus directly and start the troubleshooting process with them, and worst case scenario, a tech may have to go out. Some issues can be resolved remotely depending on the cause.

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