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Graffiti on utility boxes, New Horizons area, Coquitlam




I’m a resident in new horizons, Coquitlam and noticed there is a lot of graffiti on the utility boxes in my neighbourhood, post code for the area is V3B 7T9. 


Specially it’s a problem on Pipeline Road (between Guildford and Lincoln) but other instances nearby on Glen Drive and Westwood.


I’m not 100% sure which utility boxes are Telus (some definitely are) and which are BC Hydro I’ve tried attached photos for you to see and determine but this website keeps bugging out on my iPad. I emailed with the photos but was told to report it here on the forums (I’m not even a Telus customer!).


Could you let me know if there’s anything  you can do about this please? The city have already informed me it’s not their responsibility. 



See this post for how to report it. This post was easy to find by searching for "graffiti".


As the above post states, the correct email to use is

@WestCoasterBC I just noticed the email address you posted is missing the last "i" in graffiti. Is that a typo or is that the actual email address?

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Community Power User

@xray    good catch corrected, she was an oldie. 😀 If it was an Easter egg i'd buy you some timmies.

@xray Could have done without the snarky “this post was easy to find” comment but alas thank you for the email address.

To be fair, I’ve already been given the run around. I’m just a regular guy trying to get my neighbourhood cleaned up.

The city of Coquitlam told me to email I did that and telus responded telling me posting here was the best option...and do that and you tell me it’s not...!

I didn’t bother searching for another way to report after an actual Telus employee had told me reporting here was the best way

Didn’t really like the implication I’m just some lazy person not bothering to try and find a proper way. Believe me I’d much rather just email someone, I’m not even a telus customer...have no desire to be part of this forum.

@xray @WestCoasterBC  You might want to double-check that info you are giving out. I’ve tried to contact them on from 3 different email addresses (to ensure it’s not just a problem with a certain domain suffix) but they are all undeliverable....


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Community Power User

This was an active email address they used. Looks like they changed or removed it. See if we can get some clarification.