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Email to verify account?


Anyone else get an email asking to click a link to verify their email account?
Subject said something about Netflix membership but does not show in reading pane ... subject there shows Please verify your account.


Threat is if you do not click link your email account will be suspended.  Email snapshot below:


Action required:
Please verify your account.


We're required to put mailboxes on hold if we can't verify the email address on file.


All you need to do is click the button below (it only takes a few seconds)  we are simply verifying ownership of this email address.


Verify your account




If you don't verify your email address, we are required to temporarily put your service on hold until verification is complete.


Thanks for being a Telus customer."







This is called a phishing scam.

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This is called a phishing scam.

that is what i thought to ... funny first subject line says something about Netflix on the Inbox view but does not print out! or show anywhere else....  yah don't think Netflix and Telus share accounts or registrations.

Wondering if there is not an email to attach this to at Telus? Do they not try and block this type of trash?

Community Power User
Community Power User

You used to be able set spam filters on your email account from the My Account interface. A Spam filter should trap these, once they become known & trapped.


You could contact Telus to confirm if a Spam Filter is on your account, but I expect it is, or you'd be overwhelmed with it!




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You mean Telus does not automatically set that on all email accounts?  Can't imagine who would actually 'like' getting spam.

Its a trap.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Some folks want to ensure important emails don’t get lost in a Spam filter, so they do indeed wade through the chaff.

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