Disable band steering on Arcadyan Fibre AC Gateway (TELUS Wi-Fi Hub)


Hey guys,


I have some 2.4Ghz-only wireless devices that I'd like to connect to the Arcadyan Fibre AC Gateway, but I'd like all my other devices to connect to the 5 Ghz frequency exclusively. Is there any way to split the wifi into separate 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz SSIDs like the T3200M? This way I can connect the legacy devices to the 2.4Ghz channel, and all the other devices can connect to the 5Ghz channel. If that's not possible, is there any way to move/force the devices to different frequencies (say via MAC address) in the gateway GUI?


I ask this because while some of my devices have a "prefer 5Ghz networks" toggle, most of them don't and they end up connecting to the 2.4Ghz frequency by default due to the increased signal strength which results in slower throughput.