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Customer Service - New Customer

Just Moved In

We phoned Telus last week, after 12 years with Shaw, strictly due to some of the features that Telus can provide that Shaw hasn't quite caught up to - and because my Shaw internet just has not been so great lately. 

The first contact was fine - setting up our new services was fine. 

Then came installation - we were told to alert our building strata that work would be done and they'd need access to the communications room. 

We call the strata - strata says "no problem, telus has fobs for our communication room - they just need to bring that, let them know"

Contact Telus - "no we don't have a fob".  Contact telus again "oh we may have a fob but sometimes our technicians lose them, please have someone there to let the technician in". Contact telus again "we will leave notes on file for the technician to make sure he has a key and that there's no room for error". 

Technician phones to say he's on his way "and will the caretaker be there to give me access to the communications room?"


We get the guy into the room - chalk it up to a technician thing... 

Then we are told Telus will cancel Shaw for us - great, a value added service we think

4 days later and Shaw is still active, email Telus asking why "oh we have to wait a week to cancel, this is why we give you credits on your bill because of what you get charged with Shaw". NO... NO... those are not credits you give due to not cancelling Shaw quickly - anyone who signs up gets a $150 credit online - I could have cancelled Shaw that day on my own had I known you'd wait a week. 

I email again - now having contacted Telus 7 times - asking for someone to address the lack of customer service and all I get is "sorry for the inconveniences"  Literally - that was the entire email. 


I take to twitter, Telus does not respond, Shaw does. 


I know I have 30 days to try out Optik Tv and cancel - my shaw account still hasn't been cancelled. 

In 12 years with Shaw I called half this many times. 

If I don't hear from Telus tonight I'm calling Shaw - does anybody have ANY advice on how to get through to a manager for actual support? I love the Telus product, but wow...if this is service....



There is Telus On line Chat, or the Telus Escalator:


Welcome to Telus, the company with the worst support channels that are always completely jammed up all day. It's been happening for years. They just don't care about customer support. As others have mentioned the only way to get through to a human is to call very early in the morning when they first start taking calls. What a solution !

Just Moved In

I have spoken to 19 different people, including 2 supervisors.  My services are still not working.  After finding out Telus had not shut my services off from Shaw I called the first supervisor I had spoken to only to find our he would be gone until sept.  They gave me another supervisor who has never returned my calls. Couldn't get my channels because of technical difficulty. Took 2 weeks. Called them to tell them that I was paying for both shaw and telus.   Got a call the next day on my home phone to say all the services had be been changed to telus. I have not been able to use my home phone since.  One month.  Really crappy service.  No one ever calls me back.   Switching back to Shaw.  This hassel is just not worth it.

Telus can't cancel your old Shaw service, just like Shaw can't cancel a customers Telus service. There are regulations and laws in place dealing with this. This isn't a new concept by any stretch. When switching providers where you want landline phone service, you do need both active so the number can be transferred. Once transferred, you would have to cancel your old service yourself. Not hard. Normally transferring the phone number is done quite fast unless the old provider decides to delay releasing the number, which does happen on occasion. If you had phone service from Shaw, Shaw has a tendency to cut the phone line coming in to the house to prevent their signal from getting interfered with. If Shaw has done that, you'd have needed an installer to come out and check the wiring.


Also if your home phone wasn't working for a month, unless you live up in the arctic, a tech could have been out rather fast to fix things, sometimes same day in places. I'm having trouble believing the full story you posted. 

I agree that this is a total fabrication!  To get your Shaw service cancelled you would need to take in all their equipment to Shaw before they would cancel it.