Can't connect to router admin page

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Does anyone know why I wouldn't be able to access the router admin page I did a factory reset on my router and I can access the wifi using the default password shown on my router but can't access the page to change my wifi name/password (have also typed
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What browser are you using?

Can you enter the admin login and password on the home page of the router interface?

Do you get an error message?


If you can enter the login, try opening a new instance of the page in a fresh Tab or Window, without closing the current one

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Same thing here.  I can't even access the login page.  It just times out.


I was able to access it when I got my 150/150 account, but for some odd reason, I can't access it now.


Please assist!

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@GenkiDave are you solely using the T3200M or have you added your own router?

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I had that happen, but at the time I was connected to my router and not directly to the Actiontec.  Once I connected my WiFi to the Actiontec, I was able to log into the router right away.  Maybe that is what has happened here???