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Anyone Else Getting Horrible Customer Service?


My internet has been having problems with intermittently dropping out, and dealing with Telus to get it fixed has been an absolute nightmare. I've called 6 times, and spent over 8 hours on the phone, but nothing gets done. One phone call the rep started getting mad at me because someone else at telus hadn't started a ticket. He then told me he was going to put me on hold while he looked into it....and then just never came back. I called back again, took 30 minutes to get through, got someone who was going to look into getting a ticket started on the back end, then same deal.....put on hold for 40 minutes now with no update and the most god awful waiting music you've ever heard. 


This is absolutely ridiculous. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Were you able to get through to our team for assistance?


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