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since TLC removed all their regular programs and is advertising to go to discovery + i would like to be notified if it is available on my package from telus thank you

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The Discovery Plus streaming service just launched today in the US. It is a streaming service and it won't be on set top boxes like Optik unless Discovery releases a compatible app like Netflix and Crave have. Until then you will be limited to the compatible devices they support. Currently it is not available outside the USA. It is supposed to be available in 25 countries at some point later this year. In the USA it's $5 USD per month if you want ads, and $7 USD per month for ad free viewing. More info:


I really do wonder what Discovery Plus will look like in Canada. Global already has the Canadian streaming rights to content on some of the channels included in Discovery Plus in the USA. I can't see Global giving those up easily since they've been advertising non-stop for months for people to use the Global app to watch content from those channels for "free". Discovery Canada is run by Bell. If Bell and Global/Shaw can workout some kind of agreement, then maybe some Global controlled content will be available to Discovery Plus.