Student Plans


There should be plans and more options specifically for students! We already have financial issues and on top of it all we also have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a tiny amount of data, which you can easily go over. I just think there should be some help for us students that have rent, books, courses and groceries to pay for, on top of everything else. Why are there no student plans? 

Status: Under Review

@knav11 What about everyone else? Parents deserve a break too, no? What about Nurses? My grandma? Gone are the days where the big telcos will offer heavily subsidized student plans. The fact is, they are 'premium' carriers. If you want cheaper service, you will likely have to choose one of their sub brands or a company like WIND. 


I, however, will stick with telus. Better coverage and better customer service.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @knav11  

Thank you for this great Idea! We've been looking into the Idea for you and will let you know once we hear back.