RCS and smart replies for Android messages

Hi, please release and enable RCS aka chat and also the smart replies within Android messages! I can't believe that all other major carriers did release those 2 features but Telus didn't yet.
Status: In progress
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I sure hope they roll this (RCS) out soon or at least provide some kind of timeline or I am switching to Bell (who has RCS). Its comical that the status of this is "New Idea". Come on telus why do we have to be the last ones...


Smart Reply is nothing to do with Telus, and it is available. Makes sure you have the most up to date Android Messages App and look in your settings to turn it on.

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Community Manager

@Mathieu @tpab Thanks for the idea. This has been on our radar, and we will be supporting it soon. We will update this page once it is ready Smiley Happy 

Status changed to: In progress

Can you define "soon"?  It's been "soon" for a long, long time now.  If you truly have plans for a "release", like all "plans", they have an estimated completion date.  If you don't have a completion date, then it's not a "plan" it's a intention.  Sorry for being cynical but I'm guessing you wont have an answer (ie weeks, 2 months, etc).  


@psl I've been hearing this exact same information that you provided for the last couple of months....to be more precised for at least 7 months. I can't believe that other Canadian carriers has released this even freedom did release it like 2 weeks ago and yet Telus doesn't provide at least some real information about this to us, your clients! 


Also might tell your clients that RCS will only work with Pixel 2 phones, right?!