Incentives to Retain Exisiting Customers

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Every week, it seems, I come across another sale to try and bring in new customers. Such as "get a free TV if you sign up!" and so forth. I am not able to take advantage of those offers as an existing and loyal customer, and that irritates me. My contract with Telus has been up for several years and, here I am, waiting for ANY sort of reward or offer. The points system sucks because it takes FOREVER to earn them. Plus, you can only get an Amazon gift card once a month.

I don't want crummy points to gamble away on draws that I can never win. I want Telus to say, "You know what? You've been a great customer for decades and we've made tens of thousands of dollars from having you as a customer. We've noticed your contract with us has expired, too, and there's basically zero reason for you to stick with us over the other guys. So, if you sign another two year contract for TV and Internet services, you can get a free TV/laptop/whatever. Thanks for not choosing to move to another service provider!

I'm honestly to the point where I'm about ready to move over to Shaw because I'm so cheesed off by the lack of options and rewards long-term customers are given to keep their business.

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This has been discussed many times before. You'll also find similar discussions on the same issue over at Shaw's forums. Shaw has no option or rewards for their long term customers either. One important thing most people need to realize is a "free TV" isn't free. You end up paying for it in the end. If you talked nicely to loyalty, there may be options for a discount on your services but only they can say for sure.


Out of curiousity, do you ask for "free" bigger ticket items from any other company or industry you deal with? This is something I've only come across with telecom companies.

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I may be wasting my breath. Forums I doubt, are read or come to the attention of the policy makers.


I pay OVER $180 per month and am a loyalty consumer ...however I am seriously considering my options as my friends have been telling me to do for YEARS.


Telus will give you a loyalty discount if you call. It's for 6 months and is usually $10 or $20 a month reduction ...FOR SIX MONTHS ...WHY NOT PERMANENTLY?


The telecommunications companies are the only corporations I can think of who do NOT have an organised published rewards program.



QUOTE: "It all depends on content licensing, and how FX wants their channel accessed."
...because they made a lousy deal with FX? You get the last 3 ep of a given show and those shows are limited to a few...CHEESY. Even with the Optik to Go app you still can't have the FX library the way I get HBO Starz etc. WHY? WHY? WHY?



Yes...I'm typing out loud will pain me to cut the cord to TELUS but to accept this affront is to be a doormat.






No one likes being taken for granted. 

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Hey @WalterKemble sorry to hear that. We do definitely pay attention to our forums and of course want to make sure you feel appreciated as a client, which you are! First, we do have an official Rewards program that you can check out over at where you can earn points toward a ton of great rewards such as gift certificates and accessories.


As for your account, we're always willing to look in to it and see what offers can be made available for you. Feel free to give our team a call at 1-888-811-2323, chat live with an agent over at, or reach out to our Social Media team over on Twitter and Facebook for further assistance!


Hey there, sorry for being so late to the discussion but i just want to add on to this thread.


From my own experience what i keep doing when i was with Bell is that i called them every year as my discounts would expire then and have offers aligned from other providers to compare prices and features.


When doing so, most are willing to price match and if not give you an even better price. If they aren't ready to bite then switch, but be open to TELUS reaching out to get you back as a client as they will attempt to call you and make you an even better offer. 




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I have been with telus mobility for 10+ years and have never received any loyalty discount or offers. My contract ended last month and I have yet for telus to contact me with offers to renew my contract. The prices for telus plans is getting ridiculous. Prices are constantly going up while amount of data and minutes goes down. I definitely look forward to switching providers and saving $40-50 per month for a better plan than what telus offers! 

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Telus won't contact you once your contract ends. None of the carriers do. You will typically just get switched to a month to month plan with the same features, for the same price. I don't really see any difference between Telus' prices and the other big two carriers for their non-promotional rates.


Telus is currently offering a promotion for 20GB of data for $75 if you bring your own device but that promo expires on January 21st. That's their peace of mind plan. Rogers' and Bell's similar offering is 10GB for $75 at present. (Alberta rates) If you don't need that much data, there are plenty of other options out there.

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@MercuryBlue Thanks for your suggestion. Pricing is always top of mind for us, as we strive to remain competitive with within our market. As @A-B mentioned, we do have rewards program available, where long term customers can redeem rewards. Thanks to @BrandonT for reminding me to  also mention other great benefits such as:


Family Discounts - Recurring discounts of up to $15/line when adding your friends and family to your mobility account on Peace Of Mind or Simple Share plans. Customers could get a 4 lines on Peace Of Mind for only $60/month/line.


Bundle & Save - When you link your TELUS home services & mobility you receive recurring discounts, and added features.


Telus Smart Home Security - Exclusive discounts when you have Mobility or Home Services with TELUS.


Re-contracting Promotions - Although existing customers may not receive a TV, there is still plenty of added features, and monthly discounts lasting 6, 12, and 24 months that can be added.


We'll be closing this idea, but have forwarded your sentiment to our marketing team. Thanks for your participation, we look forward to other ideas from you in the future 🙂 

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