HD Version of Teletoon Retro

Friendly Neighbour

I think it would be great if you guys added an HD version of Teletoon Retro as both Bell and Cogeco have it, so I think you guys should get the HD version as well, as it would make a lot of TELUS Optik TV and TELUS Satellite subscribers who watch Teletoon Retro really happy, especially me. Also you guys have an HD version for the regular Teletoon, so why not add an HD simulcast for Teletoon Retro? Also, make it free for existing subscribers of Teletoon Retro like you do with other channels such as Family Channel and HGTV and other channels that are available in HD.

Status: Hold For Future Consideration
Status changed to: Under Review

Dear @KamranMackey 


Thanks so much for your suggestion about Teletoon HD. We've taken this to our content team. For now, we're placing this idea under consideration as the team is working to prioritize adding new HD channels as they become available.


Thanks again for your suggestion! We'd love to hear more ideas from you in the future. 




Status changed to: Hold For Future Consideration
Friendly Neighbour

It's not Teletoon HD, it's Teletoon Retro HD, and the HD version is already available on Bell Fibre and Cogeco. I think you should add it to Optik.