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Would be nice to see right on the channel guide an indicator (similar to the HD indicator) for shows that are "new" eg a movie or show premiere or series first run of the individual episodes on a particular channel.  That way we would quickly see whether its a rerun or a new episode.  IMG_20170909_140847_edit-01.jpeg


Also would be great to have colour coding right on the guide for main types of shows eg one colour to indicate a movie, another to indicate a sporting event or game, and another to highlight childrens shows.  


Have seen these features w other providers and makes it much easier to scan the guide .

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

 Thanks for the suggestions, @Punky. We really like guide feedback and I've passed it on to the Optik team.

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This would be really helpful! 

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I just switched over from Shaw and that feature is one I DEFINITELY miss.


Further to this, denoting which sporting events are live with [LIVE], with a similar flag to the way [NEW] is done would be good.  I'm already sick of trying to work out if the game on is a replay, actually live.

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TELUS Employee



Wanted to let you all know I've forwarded your support for @Punky's original suggestion.


Thanks 🙂

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TELUS Employee

Hi @Punky.


I've heard back from the Optik team and, while it's not planned for upcoming releases right now, they've made a note of the interest in the TELUS Neighbourhood Ideas.


I should mention that something similar is available in the Optik app.


Thanks for the idea.

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Well, thanks for the update..  While its nice that something similar is available in the app im not about to go out and get a second device to download an app in order to see things on a channel guide that I should be able to see displayed on the TV.  Not everyone uses/wants to use apps!  have read through a lot of similar thanks but no thanks responses to simple improvement ideas presented to the Optik team and know its not in your control but just want to say am seriously considering going back to previous provider becuz of the very backwards guide and recording options on Optik.     Thanks anyway