Call Control for Mobility


The Call Control feature on my home phone is fantastic.

I want it on my mobile service!


Status: Completed
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I definitely second this. 


What is Call Control?

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Thirded! Great feature! 


This looks like a great feature..I would love for it to be available with Mobility as well. 



Although they haven't responded to this post I heard through the grape vine that call control is coming for mobile sometime next year! Let's hope it's true.


We need better tools on mobiles.  What is the status of shaken/stirred?


TELUS is happy to announce that Call Control has officially been released on Mobility.


To enable Call Control:
1. Login to your TELUS online account HERE.

2. Click Plans & Devices
(Along the top row: Overview, Billing, Usage, Plans & Devices).

3. Click the phone number you wish to add Call Control.


4. Click Call Control
(Under the title "Mobility plans and devices" You will see the text: "Plan", "Device", and now "Call Control").

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Community Manager

@xray Thanks for your idea submission! As @Berner mentioned, we have implemented call control for mobility on May 14th, you will find more info here.


To enable it, 

  1. From a desktop or mobile browser Log in to My TELUS
  2. Select the Call Control tab under Plans & Devices
  3. Follow the instructions on the tab to turn on Call Control

We look forward to more great ideas from you in the future!

Status changed to: Completed

@psl I activated Call Control on May 14 👍

I encountered some issues however and I posted some work-arounds:

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Community Manager

@xray Okay, thanks for the update, and thanks for sharing the work-arounds!