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Status: Closed

We are seasonal residents in BC and we have US iPhones. Until recently we were able to control our Telus home security system from our phones with the app. However, with the migration of the home security login to a single My Telus login, we cannot use the app. Since the My Telus app is not available on the US app store (but other apps like Telus My Wi-Fi are?), we can no longer access our security system from our phones.


To obtain the My Telus app from the Canadian app store is not an easy process and one I would rather not pursue. Having spoken with technical support, they acknowledge that this migration is creating this problem for which there is no other apparent workaround. Please help!

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Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks for your idea submission! Unfortunately, the app isn't available in the US app store because we don't operate in the US. After some looking around, it seems like you should be able to change the location which should allow you to download the app.


Here are some links to the step by step instructions: 


Apple App store


Android play store