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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi I’m Jose, Product Specialist at TELUS. We know that Wi-Fi is an essential part of your lives and it's almost impossible to live without. Knowing we live an increasingly connected world, we worked hard to make your Wi-Fi experience as seamless and easy as possible while taking it to the next level it with our app.


The previous version of our app provided the fundamentals: a view of your network and easy instructions on how to improve it and control it the way you want.


It's important to us that you play a role in the overall Wi-Fi experience. We understand that parental controls are important to all of us, so as a first step, we are introducing pause — to help give your families a much needed break from the hassles of a constantly-connected world.


Our app is packed with other helpful features, which we continue to refine and expand on a regular basis. It's compatible with our most advanced modems which, in tandem, gives you an undisturbed internet experience. Isn’t that great?! That means endless hours playing games, watching high-resolution movies, shopping, or doing research on your next vacation with no crashing or glitches. You have the freedom to control your Wi-Fi, manage it, and most of all, enjoy it. Our Wi-Fi works for you so that you don’t have to give it a second thought.


We support you!


Pause-Button.jpgPause Wi-Fi

Reclaim precious family time by pausing Wi-Fi on specific devices at any time. You are in control of when to re-enable the Wi-Fi. To learn more about pause, click here.


Wifi_RGB_PU.jpgWi-Fi setup made easy

Set up your own Wi-Fi with ease by setting your Wi-Fi name and password right in the app. Want to create one for your guests? You can do that too. Learn how.




View your Wi-Fi password

Ever been denied enjoyment of your latest gadget because you can’t remember your Wi-Fi password? Never again! With the push of a button your Wi-Fi password is revealed



pasted image 0.png

Check your usage

Keep track of how much of your allotted monthly data allowance you're using, and which plan you are subscribed to.


pasted image 0 (1).pngSpeed Test

Check the speeds coming into your home with a glance! Test your speeds on demand, to your modem and to your Wi-Fi device.



Download it today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store