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Netflix on TELUS - February 2023




Hey everyone! It's hard to believe that 2023 is already here! February is right around the corner and Netflix is keeping things rolling with another batch of amazing new shows and movies to dig into! Remember, it's never been easier to add Netflix to your Optik TV package, and you can see how to do that at our website! 


You can also subscribe to Netflix as part of our awesome Stream+ package to get Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and discovery+ all at a discounted rate!


Let's take a look at some of the highly anticipated titles streaming in February as well as what I'm hooked on now!


Coming To Netflix in February


  • February 9 - You (Season 4)
    • The psychological thriller hit returns in the first half of the latest season.
  • February 10 - Your Place or Mine
    • Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher star in this new romantic comedy.
  • February 24 - We Have A Ghost
    • Supernatural ghost adventure starring Anthony Mackie and David Harbour.


Most Anticipated


You (Season 4)


The smash thriller series You returns for a fourth season, this time in the UK. Penn Badgley returns as well of course to portray the charming Joe...a dangerous, obsessive young man who goes to extreme measure to insert himself into the lives of those he's transfixed by. We've seen Joe become obsessed with Guinevere, move from NYC to Los Angeles just to escape his past, and develop new infatuations in Paris of all places. What will his location in the United Kingdom mean for him and his obsession?



Moonlighting as a professor, Joe finds himself in a web of new characters that he'll almost certainly weave into his web of lies and deceit. I've always been a fan of this show for its writing and plot twists. Shows such as this, along with modern classics like Breaking Bad and Ozark excel in making you wonder how the characters are going to get out of the danger they put themselves in for whatever reason. This new season of You is sure to do the same as Joe, despite where he is or who he's pretending to be, can't help his urges...and it always ends up putting his life and freedom at risk. 


Be sure to check out the first half of the new fourth season when the episodes drop on February 9. And don't worry...the second half of the season drops in March! Check it out!


What I'm Watching Now


The Mole (Season 1)


You're in for a fun time with this one. While it's technically the sixth season (The Mole originally aired five seasons about 20 years ago), this new season is exactly the same kind of fun. For the uninitiated, The Mole is a reality competition where a dozen people are gathered to play a series of games to add money to a pot that one of them will eventually win. Among the twelve contestants however is one person who has been secretly designated 'the Mole' by the producers. That person's task is to sabotage the group's money-making efforts.



At the end of each episode, the contestants answer a quiz about the Mole's identity and whoever is the furthest from the truth gets eliminated. You don't have to think long to realize that this is a fantastic premise for a reality competition. You get to play along with the team as they quickly start to suspect one another. If someone fails a task and loses money for the team, are they the Mole? Or is it too obvious and they're failing on purpose to make others suspect them incorrectly? I had a blast watching this season, and I think you will too. This time it's set in Australia so the group sets out on some very scenic and fun adventures, and I'm sure you'll have a blast. The entire season is streaming on Netflix right now so grab a snack, kick back, and see if you can discover...   who is The Mole?




Let me know if you plan on watching or if there's anything else you're currently hooked on in the comments below!


ICYMI: Not subscribed to NETFLIX yet? No worries! You can add it to your Optik TV package at any time! Find out more here!

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