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Netflix on TELUS - April 2023




Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well and enjoying the spring! April is right around the corner and Netflix is keeping things rolling with another batch of amazing new shows and movies to dig into! Remember, it's never been easier to add Netflix to your Optik TV package, and you can see how to do that at our website! 


You can also subscribe to Netflix as part of our awesome Stream+ package to get Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and discovery+ all at a discounted rate!


Let's take a look at some of the highly anticipated titles streaming in April as well as what I'm hooked on now!


Coming To Netflix in April


  • April 6 - Beef
    • Steven Yuen and Ali Wong star in this comedy-drama about a road rage incident between two strangers leading to a dangerous conclusion.
  • April 14 - The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die
    • After five seasons, a final feature length movie wraps up the story of this historical action drama tale.
  • April 27 - Firefly Lane (Season 2 - Part 2)
    • The second half of the final season of the feel-good drama returns to close out the series.


Most Anticipated


The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die


This is going to be epic. With the end of the acclaimed The Last Kingdom series on Netflix, there were a lot of loose ends in the fictional-historical drama. Now at last, there'll be a fitting conclusion to the tale of Uhtred of Bebbanburg in a final feature length movie, The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. After successfully reclaiming his home and to keep the peace, Uhtred swears an oath to stay clear of interfering in any war between King Constantin of Alba and King Edward of Wessex. All Uhtred wants to do is live out his days in peace, but in war...nothing is peaceful and once again he'll be dragged into a conflict that will shape the world.



If you haven't watched any of The Last Kingdom you're really missing out. For fans of historical action-dramas such as Game of Thrones, it's a no-brainer...but even if not, there's still something here for you. Based on the thrilling Saxon Stories novels by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom tells of the resistance of the Kingdom of Wessex to ongoing Viking incursions to Southern England. The main protagonist Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), born a Saxon but raised by Vikings, must claim his ancestral birthright while juggling the fact that he has loyalties to both sides.


I'm a huge fan of this series and thrilled that a feature length (two hours!) movie is coming to wrap the story up. The cinematography and set design in this series has always been top notch, and as a fan of the genre I feel it has really portrayed both the noble yet savage story of the Vikings and those they wished to conquer. Like Game of Thrones you're in for some epic battles and surprising story twists along the way when Seven Kings Must Die drops on April 14. Check it out!




What I'm Watching Now


Outlast (Season 1)


Admittedly, I'm not a massive fan of reality shows. Usually, because there are simply too many of them to make it worth it for my time. I really need something original and compelling to hook me in, and if you're the same...or if you just want to dig into something that'll have you completely invested from the word 'go'...   Outlast is for you.


Sixteen individuals are dropped into the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and split into four equal teams. These people are self-described as 'lone wolves' but must work in these teams and aren't allowed to play the game on their own. Given meager supplies and forced to survive off the land in the extreme temperature and danger, the last team to survive splits a massive cash prize.




All eight episodes are streaming on Netflix now, and that trailer does a great job of showing you just how addictive and intense this show is. What I enjoyed the most about it was obviously the drama between the players as it's clear from the start that many of them would prefer to do everything on their own, while forced to work together. It makes for some compelling storylines and intense twists as the season progresses. You're definitely going to want to binge this one...each episode is crazier than the last. Be sure to check it out!




Let me know if you plan on watching or if there's anything else you're currently hooked on in the comments below!


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