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Gears of War

Who else is pumped for Gears 5 in September? I know I am. I can't fathom the hours I've spent playing Gears (I even loved Judgment!) The new Arcade mode looks crazy, and the single player campaign having more open world RPG elements in it has me hell...

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What Are You Playing?

With Xbox Game Pass I've been revisiting some older stuff but lately it's been Fallout 76 while I wait for some new releases to drop this fall... What games are you jumping in to lately?

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PlayStation 5

Great article on the upcoming next gen console from Sony. If they can deliver what they state, it could be a game changer for the console wars. Load times have plagued consoles from inception. The hardware specs are impressive to say the least. What ...

Apex Legends

Is anyone else playing Apex Legends? The free-to-play battle royale from Respawn (Titanfall devs) sorta came out of nowhere and blew everyone away. It's still the #1 game on Twitch and is growing faster than Fortnite. The first Battle Pass launches t...

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Mobile Gaming

Anyone still playing Pokemon Go? Last article I read, Nintendo has Pokemon Go to thank for tossing another 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS in to their coffers. Wow. Mobile gaming is in the news a lot lately. I read recently that Nintendo going forward is asking ...

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Obviously, Fortnite deserves its own thread. The one thing I always dug about Fortnite the most is how accessible it was, and its bonkers popularity obviously reflects that. Having played H1Z1 and PUBG earlier, my first Fortnite games made it pretty ...

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Gaming & Technology News

Always need a good catch-all thread for any gaming or tech news, so feel free to post anything you hear, or links to any good articles! I follow a ton of game news sites on Twitter like Kotaku, so I'll be posting in here often. Digital-Game-Only Xbox...

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