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Console or PC? Xbox or PlayStation? The eternal battle rages on. We’re fiercely loyal to what we love though...and that’s games. If there’s one thing we can all agree on though, it's that milliseconds matter and lag sucks. We all need every advantage we can get, whether it’s coming out on top in that frantic Fortnite match or if it’s 4th and 3 with seconds left in Madden.


Regardless of what you’re playing, streaming, or watching...TELUS PureFibre has your back. As Canada's #1 Major ISP for gaming our direct 100% fibre optic connection will give you the edge you’re looking for1! With no slow down even at peak times2 you’ll never lose your edge, and if streaming’s your thing, our symmetrical download and upload speeds will take your channel to the next level too3.


Check out our fantastic new offer for TELUS PureFibre starting at $85/month for the first 24 months, as well as an additional $150 bill credit when you order online!


We’ve got a lot of exciting offers and partnerships coming and you can check out our brand new page for all things gaming at! Let me know in the comments what games you’re playing or looking forward to!





1As ranked by PCMag Gaming Quality Index based on comparison of major Canadian ISPs using over 37,000 tests conducted between December 1, 2018 and December 6, 2019. Republished with permission. © 2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2Traditional copper wire or copper wire hybrid networks are subject to capacity constraints and environmental stresses that do not affect TELUS fibre optic technology, which is based on light signals. Not available in all areas.

3Internet access speeds may vary depending on location, usage within the home network, Internet traffic, applicable network management or server configurations. For a description of TELUS’ network management practices please see Concurrent data streams, including combinations of uploads and downloads, are required to access the full 940 Mbps of bandwidth.