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Before we get rolling, we wanted to remind everyone that we’re working on some exciting things when it comes to gaming. As Canada's #1 Major ISP for gaming, we’ve got you covered! Keep an eye on for news and promotions, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon!


Now, let’s get to business. While it was rumored for a long time, last summer’s E3 saw Microsoft officially announce ‘Project Scarlett’, the next generation Xbox console. Scheduled for release in late 2020, the gaming world was instantly intrigued. Now, as we all know the official name of the new console is the Xbox Series X and this holiday season Microsoft is delivering the goods. Via the first official press release we finally have some specs of the console and it’s a beast. Let’s dig into some of the coolest features and what we can look forward to as the Christmas season approaches!


Xbox Series X


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Billed as Microsoft’s “fastest, most powerful console ever”, the Xbox Series X packs a custom processor with AMD’s new architecture, delivering four times the power of the Xbox One. With 12 Teraflops of GPU, we can expect twice the graphical power as well. With DirectX ray tracing, the lighting and environments will be the best ever seen in a home console. A solid-state drive will make games run smoother than ever, to compliment the up-to 120fps framerate for 4K gaming that will be as immersive as ever.


To add to these impressive raw specs, I’m equally as pumped about all the other features Microsoft has announced:


  • Quick Resume: The option to continue multiple games from a suspended state almost instantly. Jump from game to game and pick up where you left off in seconds.
  • Full Backward Compatibility: All games from previous Xbox consoles will be playable, as well as all controllers being fully compatible as well.
  • Smart Delivery: Gamers will know they’ve got the most current version of a game, no matter which console they bought it on. Did that game you bought back in the day get a remastered 4K re-release? You’ll automatically upgrade to the newer one!


I’m definitely stoked for the Smart Delivery feature, and developers are already taking note. CD Projekt Red has already announced that owners of the hotly anticipated September release of Cyberpunk 2077 will automatically receive the Xbox Series X upgrade for free when it's available. This is great news for us that have already preordered it for the Xbox One, and it’s awesome to know that I won’t have to go and buy new updated versions of my back catalog. All of this combined with a bunch of launch titles being made available for free on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on day one means it’s going to be a great time for Xbox fans.


Will you be picking up the Xbox Series X when it releases? Or are you a PlayStation fan? Don’t worry, we’ll be back to discuss the upcoming PS5 when SONY gives us more info. Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to the most. Game on!