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Community Manager
Community Manager

This year continues to look exciting for the gaming community, with a number of big titles coming out. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the PC gaming world, and meet the UBC eSports team.


Coming Soon!


Sea of Thieves is the highly anticipated new open world game from Rare and Microsoft. This pirate-themed action adventure is a shared world game that can be played solo or with friends. You’ll embark on quests, collect loot, and interact with hundreds of other players as you sail the open seas in search of treasure.




 As a huge Pirates of The Caribbean fan, this game is right up my alley. These types of open world RPG games are perfect for any playing style. Getting a crew of your friends together to pillage and plunder, or simply sailing and exploring on your own...the possibilities are endless. These games are great in that you’ll experience something new every time you jump in. Talk about replayability! Take a look at this trailer and get ready to walk the plank!



Sea of Thieves is currently in closed beta and releases officially on March 20th for both the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Let me know if you plan on picking up this title, or what other game you’re anxiously waiting for in the comments.

Steam / PC Gaming


The wildly popular Sid Meier’s Civilization series is still a major player in the strategy game sector of computer gaming.


Last month the latest edition, Civilization VI, got a new DLC update with ‘Rise and Fall’ addition becoming available for download.




Adding nine new leaders, eight civilizations to the mix and a plethora of new gameplay additions, the hope was to add a more in-depth experience for gamers. This downloadable content pack was met with mixed reviews. Some pointing to the new gameplay additions as providing some interesting variance to the game sequence but lacking any real adjustment to the overall experience. The add-on gives some new ideas but ultimately feels like just a top-up on an older series that isn’t really doing anything new.


The addition of Great Ages was something that stood out to me as giving the game a different feel. It makes you stay on your toes a bit more.


Which in lies the problem with the Civilization series. Everyone knows what they are getting with a new iteration and they can only stray so much from the basic makeup. An older series like Total War has been able to add a different element with the Warhammer Fantasy series, which gave it an interesting and fresh take on an existing format. It’s hard to see where Civilization can go through such a pivot.



UBC eSports Team


The exciting world of eSports (competitive gaming) is growing every year, and 2018 looks to be the biggest yet with tournaments around the world being held for prize pools worth millions of dollars. TELUS is proud to be an official sponsor of the UBC eSports Association. I’ll be highlighting some of their upcoming events and announcements in this section moving forward.


Recently, the UBC Super Smash Bros. Melee team competed in the Collegiate Starleague Tournament and came in 2nd place, advancing to the next stage in California. Congratulations, guys!



 UBC eSports Team.JPG

[pictured left to right: Peter Shirley, Kevin Dhir, Justin Mackey, Brendan Chung, Robbie Pearson, and Sam Tyson]


They’ve got a number of great upcoming events, and are constantly streaming on Twitch. Be sure to visit their Facebook page to cheer them on!


Meet Aaron from our Social Media team. Aaron’s an avid fan of all kinds of media, gaming, movies, music, comics, and TV. He loves to travel, watch the NFL Network (Go Packers!), and add to his ever-growing collection of tattoos.


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