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DOTA2 is arguably the world’s most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game, with exciting 5 vs 5 matches fighting for victory. It’s so popular in fact that millions of people tune in online just to watch matches, and there are even sponsored teams worldwide, fighting for prize pools worth millions of dollars. Recently, the 8th annual DOTA2 International tournament took place in Vancouver and TELUS was there!


The International is by far the biggest eSports event in the world, and being there it was easy to see why. From the lineups to get in hours before the first match, to the cosplayers and dynamic stage on the main floor, the event was truly an amazing experience. In the end, Team OG (Europe) defeated LGD (China) 3 to 2, in a thrilling Best of 5 finale!   


For a firsthand look at the exciting tournament, check out our latest Game On! blog from Enzo and Jose, two of our VIP guests and the exciting time they had!


DOTA2 From The TELUS Suite


I still remember every late night at the back alley internet cafe behind my high school, where people had to squeeze and contort themselves just to get past the maze of scooters that blocked the doorway. The scent of old cigarettes and stale chips hung heavily in the air, the familiar smells serving as my only comfort during another routine evening of a getting absolutely destroyed in DOTA at the hands of my friends. I still hold fond the memories of those days, back when the game was still a Warcraft III custom map and not the juggernaut franchise it is today.




When TELUS invited us to attend the DOTA2 International 2018 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, all those memories came flooding back. We were nothing short of thrilled -- despite being long-time fans of video games, it was still Jose’s and my first time attending a live eSports event, and now the bar for them has been set incredibly high. As guests in TELUS’ special VIP suite at the stadium, we had immaculate, close-up views of the stage and the action, glimpses of official team members doing interviews right outside our room, access to all the mini-hotdogs we could eat, and lightning-fast internet so we could post memes the entire time.


Our gracious TELUS hosts made sure we had everything we need. It’s great to see TELUS reaching out to gamers directly and engaging them genuinely. Thank you for taking us on this wild ride. It was an amazing experience that we won’t soon forget!





Meet Jose and Enzo


Jose is the CEO and head cheerleader of Button Mash Productions, and has been producing comics for over 10 years. He's the lead writer on Dungeon Construction Co. and helps produce Balls 2 That, Cheer Up Emo Kid, and Button Mash Comics. You can also find his terrible Star Wars dad jokes and nerdy puns on twitter @DadJokeDarth and @WesterosNewsNet. He lives in Vancouver, BC constantly arguing with his cellphone's voice assistant.




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Enzo is the creator of the relationship comic Cheer Up, Emo Kid and the medieval fantasy comedy Dungeon Construction Co. He plays a forged ranger in D&D with a group of ultra-nerds called the World Walkers. He lives in Vancouver, BC with an overweight cat.





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