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I logged into my Telus account on the computer and went to manage my TELUS home security I opened the web interface I opened the video Tab and next to live view it said svr timeline clicking on it shows me this message Your service plan includes support for the Stream Video Recorder (SVR). Click here to add an SVR to this account. I'm trying to find out a way to add an SVR to a residential account I had a conversation with an agent we discussed the possibility of being able to add one to my account the two of us we're going to have a conversation with someone from the business side to find out if it was possible unfortunately it was near closing time and our conversation got cut off we were not able to reconnect but now maybe four days after having that conversation all of a sudden an option is there to add an SVR to my account.   we discussed how Telus would most likely not be able to provide one to me but I could buy it myself from Amazon or another authorized dealer. I have seven cameras on my account if I can't get a svr added to my account unfortunately I will need to cancel my Telus subscription. 



Hi Matt, thanks for reaching out.  I`ll be sending you a private message shortly so that I can ask you a few questions to put you in touch with someone from our SmartHome security team directly.  Thank you! 

I would also like this. it is the only reason i wanted the cameras. they sit mostly unused for now. very expensive paperweights...