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When i go use a second tv with my pik account it says max users. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a max 2 concurrent connections. Sign out of any other devices you use PikTV on. 

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I have the same problem now since the last update the other day.. I spent couple hrs on phone dealing with it last nite and they called me back today and says a report has been filed now as I'm not the only one affected... Two  Apple boxes are allowed at same time no problem but only one telus android box at a time is allowed now but can use a different make android one as well like a telus one and a Nvidia one at same time or the telus one and  an android phone... they no longer sell the telus android box and only sell Apple which is a blatant biased thing to sell and monopolize Apple... I have had bad dealings with Apple previously and I will never deal with them ****** again... I have had a windows computer and two telus android Pik tv boxes for a year now and an android samsung phone with all working... I tried to see if they can supply the Nvidia box they advertize online is usable but nope, they only sell and supply apple giving Apple a monopoly which I really do think is illegal in itself...

Telus just this week released their app to support Sony with android TV and the latest Google Chromecast with android tv. 

Chromecast with android tv is cheap to purchase and runs faster then the old PikTV android box. Perhaps they will make them available soon. But as I previously stated they just garnered support this week.


You can run any combination of devices but can only be two at a time. I have no issues running two android devices at a time.

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westcoaster... yes can use 2 android boxes at same time but not 2 of the Telus android ones (that they no longer sell) at same time... I own two of those and was good until last update... now they must be different makes... you can run 2 telus apple tv ones at same time tho.... I was on with a rep for 2 days over this and is now being looked into but in the meantime I am stuck only being able to run one at a time for now unless I buy another make of android box as my second one like the Nvidia Pro they advertize online and recommend @ 200 bucks to buy...

Hi all,


As @WestCoasterBC  mentioned, there is a limit of 2 concurrent streams on Pik TV – among Android TVs (Nvidia Shield, Sony TV, Chromecast with Google TV), Apple TVs, mobile devices and browsers. Details are here. The one exception is the Pik TV media box – this is limited to one per account. This is a content provider restriction and was never designed to work with more than one. If you had it working, I’d categorize it under ‘bank error in your favour’. If you purchased 2+ Pik TV boxes from TELUS, I’d recommend calling in and they should sort you out since this never should have been allowed in the first place. If you bought them on the resale market or got them from a friend, you may be on your own.


You are correct, we no longer sell the Pik TV media box. The device is 5+ years old, is no longer manufactured and is nearing the end of its useful life. We have made a shift to more of a ‘bring your own device’ strategy.


If you really want to connect multiple TVs – Optik is the better choice. You can connect (I believe) up to 6 TVs with TELUS hardware; PVRs and set-top boxes. You can also connect up to 2 more Apple TVs, mobile devices or browsers.


@outlooker7  - There are a lot of factors that influence whether we sell a device or not – popularity, reliability, price, added value, etc. As an example – the Nvidia Shield is a great device, but of limited interest to the general population. At $200+, it is expensive for a low priced TV service, so we decided not to sell it. We also don’t sell the dozens of supported Sony TV models or the Apple TV HD. For Apple TV 4K though, we feel we are adding value; TELUS is the only TV provider in Canada to be integrated into Apple’s universal services (Siri search, zero sign on, etc.) and we are the only provider that offers 0% financing on the device. However, we are not ‘giving Apple a monopoly’ – we sell the Chromecast with Google TV in our stores.  

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KHR ... Thanx for the update and full explanation... I think Telus should allow 2 of their boxes to run simultaniously regardless  but I guess i will have to bite the bullet and buy an Nvidia box now as do not want anything to do with Apple which has the monopoly with Telus... Another expense I was not prepared for....  I really do think that the pik tv service should be allowed on more than just 2 boxes simultaneously though, like up to 3 or 4 as still haas to come from the same internet modem that is being paid for... I am a senior on pension and can't afford the full optic tv service as has way to many too channels that i never watch anyways and would still have to pay for... My phone, internet, and Pic TV and also mobile phone is enough already...  I have a roommate now that helps pay my costs and been thinking of getting another one to help a bit more... That would mean 3 bedrooms and a living room would need a box in order to have Pik but you are saying I am restricted to two running at same time ... Netflix with 4 locatons is the same cost as Pik is now and doesn't even have to be on the same internet feed...Tubi is free and there is also Amazon prime which is another one that comes with the free shipping option for that many of us are using now that have to isolate so much with this covid thing..... All of these are apps that come already installed on the Nvidia Pro box I have come to find after researching it more.... I do wish Telus would make it available to purchase as would be so much easier...  Thanx  again for the explanation and do hope Telus will reconsider some of these options..

A Chromecast with Google tv will be all you’ll need and save you money. The nvidia shield is a high end android box meant more for gaming, but has android tv as well.


Either box has the same apps available. 

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thanx but chromecast is not what i like... only 8gb of storage and that limits the amount ov apps you can add like kodi for instance... my next upgrade will be to nvidia box... well known and reliable and add games capability to it too for my grandkids

Just Moved In



You mention in your post "If you purchased 2+ Pik TV boxes from TELUS, I’d recommend calling in and they should sort you out since this never should have been allowed in the first place." This is the situation we are in. We purchased 2 Pik TV boxes in 2019 when we switched over (after inaccurately being told we could access it without a box using any Smart TV). 


My question is how exactly will TELUS be able to "sort us out" since the boxes are already paid for in full? Will they be able to offer a free (or discounted) Nvidia or Google Chromecast? (no interest in Apple TV)

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @RobbF 


I'm sorry you got inaccurate information when you signed up for Pik TV and bought 2 Pik boxes. Every customer situation is different, so what 'sorted out' looks like will vary, and is ultimately at the individual agent's discretion.  


TELUS doesn't sell Nvidia Shields, and call centre agents don't have access to sell you a Chromecast with Google TV (which Pik works great on btw, so much more responsive and reliable than the Pik box) since they are sold in our online mobility store or in physical corporate stores. 


What I'd suggest is to firmly, but politely, insist on a credit to offset what you paid in 2019 (after any discounts or credits) so that you can buy a device of your choosing that will work for Pik. If you have a record of what you paid and when, this will help the agent. For a time, Pik boxes were sold as a standalone device in corporate stores, national retail like Best Buy and London Drugs, or connected to your Pik TV account and charged on your monthly bill. If you bought it in a store, you'll want a receipt to prove you bought it. If it was charged on your bill, there should be a record of it.


If they offer to send you a replacement Pik box - I'd politely decline. This will not fix the issue. 


I hope this helps!



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Thanx KHR ... i got mine through Andres and dont have a reciept now... I see telus do sell the Apple TV box which I may ask them to send me one for my roomate in his bedroom... I myself will invest in the Nvidia Shield pro for all my preferences.... The pik tv boxes have been having screen freezing issues while the audio keeps goind and also the main guide now only goes to midnite so I can't check tomorrow's line up and also is missing a few subscribed channels that are showing up in the mini guide when push the guide button... This has started since the updates started happening... I have figured out the guide thing so can work around it but would like it to not end at midnite even at 11:55 pm as that is a big pain... Also the freezing gets to me a bit and is to do with wifi I think even though I have 50mb plan but is only on Pik as Netflix and Tubi don't seem to have this problem... some days it is not too bad and others is terrible...

Hi @outlooker7 


For the guide, I get that having it stop at midnight isn't ideal. To see what's on tomorrow and up to 10 days in the future, you can change the date in the top left hand corner of the screen (it looks a bit like a calendar icon).


To help with your video streaming quality, I'd recommend hard-wiring whenever possible, but I know it's not feasible for every set-up. The difference between Pik and Netflix could simply be live vs. on demand loading/buffering. 

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thanx.. what about the channels missing on the main large guide but are showing on the mini guide from the guide buttom... channels 115 (the local) and 121 for sure and maybe others i haven't noticed