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i want to replace channels that i do not like

Just Moved In

Hi, I want to remove channels on my pik tv subscription that I do not like and replace them with other channels that I want...will I be charged additional fees for doing so? Thanks


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Vincent1 


The short answer is that it depends on your package and which channels you're looking to change. If you have 'The Basics + Pik 5' or 'Pik Max' you can change out the 5 or 10 included specialty channels every 30 days at no charge.


The long answer:


  1. There are a set of channels - 'The Basics' - included in every Pik TV package that cannot be swapped or removed - these are channels that are mandated by the CRTC. 
  2.  If you have 'The Basics + Crave', this is a fixed package with no flexibility to change channels.
  3.  If you have 'Pik Max', Sportsnet, TSN and Crave are fixed into the package and cannot be removed or swapped. 

There is no service charge to make changes to your combo/package, but if you add more channels, your monthly price may increase.  You can make changes to your package by logging into your My TELUS account at and then selecting 'Manage' beside Pik TV in the 'Home Services' box. From there select 'Add/remove channels' under 'Manage your Pik TV'. Once on this page, you can de-select channels you no longer want and select channels that you do want. You'll want to make sure that the number of channels you have before/after is the same otherwise your price may increase.