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error code 4-44-104


This has happened the last couple nights.  4-44-104

Changing the channel doesn't help because this comes up on every one.

WiFi strength is good. 

Hard reboot and nothing. 

Anybody else? Solutions?


Helpful Neighbour

Getting it on all channels this evening. Power plug pull usually fixes the problem but not this time. It's almost like the server is the issue.

Helpful Neighbour

Tried a factory reset on the PIK set-top box.

Still can't get any TV channels to stream. Channel guide shows but selecting any one of them produces a 4-44-104 error.

Netflix works fine - thank goodness.


PIK TV works using a computer and web browser. 


Must be some problem with the service to the set-top boxes.

At its peak, it was down for everyone -- web browser, iOS, Apple TV.

I eventually got through, they knew it was down and didn't have an ETA, suggested it could be as long at tomorrow. It eventually started working again.


Getting the same error code on all stations and not the first time this has happened. Thinking this Pik Box is a very bad idea. Too many problems no help and waiting on hold for another hour for the hundred time Smiley Sad

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Same here ... over 20mins on hold waiting for someone from tech support to pick up the phone ... and to add insult to injury, smack in the middle of the Oscars ... what am I paying for, exactly?!  A broken TV service?!?  Shameful ...

I’m also on the phone. Did you get an answer?

Does anyone know of optik has the same issue?

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Getting this error also. All channels. Have restarted, unplugged box several times, rebooted router. No joy. Netflix works but pik tv doesn’t. 20 minutes in to Walking Dead. Pik Tv has been giving errors much more lately. Before we got the 104 error we got a 103 error.

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Has any one found a solution to this? It’s been unplugged, replugged, rebooted, cleared cache, forced stop... every **bleep** thing, and still a blank screen with this error code not to mention phone waits are over an hour.

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Getting 4-44-103 in apps on my iPad, iPhone, ATV and in browser. Yeah, in the middle of Oscars lol.

You can lean back and wait. It's not your equipment, it's everywhere. It's the start of the better world which so many are craving for. Hey Guys, this is "Telus - The Future sucks". Better get used to it, same as yesterday, actually even worse. Lets get exited for the new version to arrive, but nothing will get better.  Unless the bucks stop flowing in. Probably time to leave the sinking Telus ship.




If anyone gets through to the technical support, please tell them it’s a service outage. They need to send a tech to check the server

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone!

We spilled our popcorn too when Pik TV service was disrupted last night. We found the root cause, a service issue related to the cloud service and it's since been addressed. Everything should now be back to normal. We're truly sorry that this event was affected, and we thank you for your understanding

Same issue here, started during Oscars (!!!) at about 630pm PST and have not gotten Pik back running since. Since then I have had Error code 4-44-555 for 24 hours. The box itself is fine, can watch Netflix and YouTube. Have unplugged and rebooted, killed app and cache , over and over last night and today but no luck. Around 7pm tonight a system update was installed when I pulled the plug and tried reboot again, but still no Pik. Cannot stream Pik on mobile either, get same Error. So disappointed because this is the purpose of Pik- to be able to live stream tv events with ease!!

It's out again tonight. Fantastic performance.

I had to clear the Pik TV app data for it to work (settings, apps, Pik, clear data).
I did the system update prior to that (settings, about, system update, check for update)

error 505 tonight. What gives?!

I've been debating cancelling Pik over the last few months but since its a simple inexpensive service I keep it. But this that week as me ready to make the call.