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I can not watch CHEK as I receive the message that I am not connected to my TELUS internet, but I am connected.I have tried resetting the tv box and resetting my password, but nothing has worked..

Clovige by Just Moved In
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Latest Telus TV+ for Apple TV update is terrible

After the latest update (may 31 2023) I no longer have my channels on the home screen. I have to go to Live TV and scroll through everything. What is with this app anyway? Audio goes out of sync, channels dissappear and don't reappear until you reboo...

CGBG by Neighbour
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This service is garbage. Why shouldn't I just cancel it?

New to this crap service. Looking under a channel I am subscribed to I get four different behaviors from different shows. 1. Nothing but a click sound. 2. You are not subscribed. Yes I am, it's under a channel I am subscribed to. Just shows a link to...

Tige by Just Moved In
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Pik TV app on Chromecast has no sounds

My Pik TV app on Google Chromecast won't work. Either it doesn't have any sounds or it gives me an error that I need to disconnect my Bluetooth speaker! and again won't work. Any idea?!

shaahin by Just Moved In
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Dave Season 3 On Demand

It looks like Dave Season 3 episodes 1 & 2 are avaiable on-demand on the FXX channel, but then epsiodes 3 & 4 are available on FX Now. Is this intentional? Shouldn't all episodes be available on 1 or the other (or both) channels?

scottalx by Friendly Neighbour
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The Big Bang Theory Season 12

I believe there is an issue with the entire season 12 of The Big Bang Theory. When trying to load, it says there are only 3 episodes and yet it shows there are 10. Tried to load again and it said there were now 5 episodes even though it showed 10 onc...

tsplange by Neighbour
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Telus TV+ chromecast app - closed captions

Hi,Is there any option to change the layout of the closed captions on the Telus TV+ app on chromecast?Since this is an app the CC does not depend on the TV itself.It would be nice to be able to customize the appearance since right now, the CC take a ...

BartF by Just Moved In
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TELUS TV+ non casting on TV screen

Casting on TV screeen is not working. The casting device (chromecast) connects the mobile device. But the telus show im watching on my mobile device is playing but on the TV screen it freezes. I wonder whats wrong with your app. Because I tried playi...

Jess89 by Just Moved In
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