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Resolved! Remote control D-pad issues with a game

For app testing, I installed the CrossyRoad game from the Google Play store. The Pik TV remote D-pad doesn't function at all for this game, making it impossible to play the game. Also, the game is slightly cut-off from the screen. Checked my remote c...

SN by Organizer
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Resolved! Can't turn Audio Captioning off

I turned on PIK TV and it started with the Audio Captioning on. I went into the settings and it indicated it was off; couldn't turn it off with out disconnecting and plugging back in again

Kal by Organizer
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Resolved! Audio Receiver and Pik (Stereo output only no 5.1 or 7.1)

Hello Everyone, Just wondering if people have connected Pik to surround sound systems. I've plugged Pik into an older Pioneer VSX-30 via HDMI and can only receive stereo. There are no settings in the Pik menu to adjust the audio settings for output o...

onetyme by Organizer
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Resolved! Can I pair the STB to an audio receiver?

I can't seem to find an option to pair my Pik remote to an audio receiver, rather than the TV for volume control. Is this an option?

ts45 by TELUS Employee
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Resolved! Number of simultaneous devices?

With the ability to load the app on tablets, smart phones, and the Pik box itself, many people will want to use more than one at a time. How many devices can be using the same account at the same time?

Roger_H by Ambassador
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Resolved! 4K

Does Pik TV support 4K for either live TV or Netflix?Thanks!ScottyJ

ScottyJ by Community Power User
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Resolved! Pik TV box - 3 LEDs on front way too bright?

Do you find the the 3 LEDs on the front of the box are way too bright? Especially the blue LED? I covered the red and blue LEDs with black electrical tape, with just the green LED showing the box is much more discreet and less distracting. Just wonde...

JReeves by Organizer
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