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Won't work with PureFiber?

After waiting for my order for a week, called customers service for the order status, only to find out that this won't work with Purefiber 150.Suggested that I downgrade to 50mbps speed. smh.

uno by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PikTV is incompatible with Internet discounts?

Hello,I've had Internet and Optik for years, no contracts; and have certain loyalty discounts (in addition to the bundle discount).Wanted to switch from Optik to PiK; so I had cancelled Optik.Then called to get PiK TV; but was told that it could only...

Bb1 by Organizer
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Resolved! Questions on apps & watching later.

Looking for confirmation: 1) I cannot watch TV through a channel's website via Telus account as a Pik customer, whether I'm home or not? This alone sounds like a make or break component right here if that's true. I suspect many people will find this ...

Skeff by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pik TV Bandwidth

Hi all! Does the base configuration of Pik TV really only come with 150GB of data per month? Telus advertises that you need at least their Internet 25 plan, which comes with 300GB. Yet when I went to the sign-up page, it says that only 150GB is inclu...

Resolved! PIK App User Experience Lacking...

In my opinion the PIk APP has some user experience problems. Here are just a few off the top of my head. Feel free to add to this list with the hopes that someone at Telus actually cares about these forums. 1. Guide brings up only what's on now. This...

Am604 by Organizer
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Resolved! Sorry playback is only available when connected to your Telus Internet at home.

When trying to watch channels like amc and citytv i get an error message, it says " Sorry playback is only available when connected to your Telus internet at home". I am definately connected to my home Telus internet thru my own router on the WiFi, t...

JCT by TELUS Employee
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Pik TV order

I just ordered PIK TV on Friday, the weekend and monday has passed and i have not recived any info on shipping. The one email I did get says "please allow 24 hours for your order to complete". How much longer should i wait until I call in? Or is ther...

JCT by TELUS Employee
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Resolved! Windows 10 app

You want to solve my only complaint about this service Telus? Make a windows 10 app. Then I can stream the content I want on my PC. I can still use the box to access live tv and the more restricted content, but at least then I'll be able to use some ...

Resolved! Travelling in Canada with Pik TV

Can i take the Pik TV box with me while travelling in Canada & still be able to watch ALL my live TV channels and VOD content?

jarrod38 by Organizer
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