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Wondering what's going on with my pik tv I have my box but was supposed to get a call about hook up

Rbaglee by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Adding Hallmark Chanel

I want to add Hallmark Chanel to my TV! Please advice!

Su by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What apps are available on Pik TV currently?

Could you please provide a full list of the apps available on Pik TV at this time? Could you tell whether the Amazon Prime app is available?

SCSC by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PikTV without buying the device?

Hi, Is it possible to get pikTV and watch content on a tablet or a web browser without paying for the 100$ device? Also, I am interested only in watching TSN. It seems like I have to pay 20$ for the premium TSN content and I am paying the initial 10$...

Rajeev by Just Moved In
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A few more channels could be coming to pik tv

Hi so basically i was chatting on support with telus to see if there was anymore channels coming to pik tv including kids programming and the guy gave me A lot of information about this including that some of the channels I wanted were allready being...

Resolved! Why can't we get Free Previews on Pik TV?

It seems somewhat disingenuous that we cannot get Free Previews on Pik TV. I know it's easy to switch amongst the channels to which we subscribe, but it seems silly not to be able to access Free Preview channels when a free preview is being offered. ...

Resolved! When/If Google Home Voice Assistant compatibility will be added?

Will Telus be updating the PikTV to support Google Home voice control? I would like to be able to instruct my Google Home to turn on/off or play items on my PikTV just like Google Home can with a Chromecast. Sony TVs with Android TV built in have had...

Spud387 by Organizer
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Resolved! PikTV remote

Hello, just got our Pik TV box. I have a speaker connected via bluetooth to the box and was wondering if there is a way to control the volume from the source? My remote is paired with the TV remote so it only controls the TV volume. Even if I unlearn...

ausphil by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! more of an observation

It seems a little fishy that only 10 percent of the population speaks French, but fully half the free channels are French. Enough already

kevmore by Neighbour
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Resolved! password on purchases

I don't want the kids racking up charges for renting movies that could be watched for free,. How can I put a password on purchases?

kevmore by Neighbour
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