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Resolved! Can the Pik TV mobile app cast to chromecast?

Just a quick question about the ability to use the Pik TV mobile app with my chromecast. First off is it even possible to cast to chromecast with the app? And second, if it isn't has anyone heard if it is even being considered for implementation down...

Scoots by Connector
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Resolved! Feedback

Is there anywhere I should be providing feedback apart from posting here? I've got a few suggestions but I'm not sure the best place to direct information. I'm also wondering if there are plans to bring other available streaming services to Pik TV (a...

Resolved! PIK TV

I want to buy PIK tv, stores have no clue what i am asking about and was on hold for 45 minutes. How do i get this service?

Resolved! PikTV App for Shield TV?

Curious if the PikTv box is required for this service. I already own a Shield TV that runs Android TV and am wondering if I can just get the app for my device.

mrhector by Connector
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Netflix audio - popping / clicking

Experiencing annoying audio pops / clicks while watching Netflix content on the Pik TV box. This does not occur while watching the same Netflix content through the same TV/audio system via an Apple TV box. So far, I have not had this occur in any oth...

OR by TELUS Employee
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Pik TV has arrived!

It's new; it's hip, but what is it? Our Pik TV Product Manager talks a bit about the journey from idea to launch. All your questions about Pik TV can be found on our site - check it out. Need help setting up Pik TV? Check out our how-tos and troubles...

dru by Community Manager
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Error 4-44-206

Was watching A&E this morning 9:32am show quit went to black screen "sorry playback is not available" 4-44-206Channel up down corrected it again.

(i) » Info ?

When I push the "Guide Button". I notice there is a "(I)" or info icon next to "View details".Do others think this is intuitive enough to push the Info button? Should the (I) also be on the remote?Should "View details" be changed to "info"?

xl by CPU Alum
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Sportsnet channels (bitrate/video compression issue)

Tuned into Sportsnet channels during the NHL Playoffs. Not sure of bitrate/compression of those channels. Commercials don't notice the issue.During hockey game- Motion appears jittery and not a smooth viewing experience- Blurred and macro blockingThe...