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Pik TV $ 1 movie of the week

I recently noticed my $1 movie of the week is no longer showing up in my on demand area. It did before but I can't find it anymore. Did they discontinue this for pik tv users?

ShawnFoy by Neighbour
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Android app issues

I've downloaded the Android Pik TV app to my Samsung tablet and getting an error message to the effect that the app has "stopped". I have deleted and re-installed the app to no avail. The IOS app works fine on my iPhone. Any thoughts in what's going ...

Abangert by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Enhancement: Pik TV App live show reminders

Add an option to the Pik TV App (iOS and Android) to send push notification messages reminder(s) before a live TV show is about to start. I should go into the schedule, check an option for a show, and have the app remind me a few minutes before it is...

PBA by Coach
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Authentication error User not provisioned

Is anyone else having a problem with Pik. As of this morning it tells me Authentication Error, User not provisioned (invalid credentials). One would think that means my username or password are incorrect but no. If I try any other password than the o...

Danger by Advocate
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Resolved! Where is my $75 discount?

I subscribed to Pik last month using the $75 discount promotion for the Pic box. The checkout process said the discount would be applied to my bill, but my my monthly bill arrived yesterday with no discount. Not a great experience! How do I get the d...

Order TELUS PikTV.png
PBA by Coach
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Resolved! Subscription management

I'm interested in Pik but wondering how intuitive people are finding it, considering there's no tech support. Also is it easy to make changes to subscriptions( add/ delete channels)?

Abangert by Helpful Neighbour
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What does Pik TV need? lets make a list

Ok lets make a comprehensive list of what we would like to see from Pik TV. 1. Notifications: allow us to set notifications for series through the phone app or box 2. Remote support for AV receivers and projectors: Add remote control codes for receiv...