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Error No. 4-44-513

My Pik TV app on my Android smartphone works about 20% of the time. The rest of the time, I get the following error message after I have logged in and selected a show to watch: "Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again later. Error No. 4-44-513...

McFlurry by Connector
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Resolved! Any 4k Hockey?

I'm here in BC and would like to watch any NHL games in 4K. I've subscribed to the Sports packages and the 4k Sports preview but can't seem to find any games...

jra2k1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't Rewatch Old Program After Finishing?

I was watching Star Trek Discovery on VOD on Pik TV. I was on Episode 3 when it ended 10 minutes into viewing. Somehow the program got fast forwarded to near the end of the program. Episode 3 ended. I tried to relaunch it, but it ended up going to Ep...

braxus by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pik tv box

I ordered pik tv the service was terrible it never worked so opted to go with optik. I wanted to send box back but was told that i bought it and can keep it. It doesnt work where do i send it and who pays fir the cost.

RW by Neighbour
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MSG 4-44-220

Done anyone on the forum knows how to fix this error message, 4-44-220? I'm not having any luck with Telus' call in support, I gave them credit for trying. I have been having channel issue since my upgrade from internet 35M to 150M, box keeps telling...

paw2001 by Neighbour
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Time to give up on Pik TV

Pik TV was a great idea when it first came out, and the price was right. It’s a shame that the execution has been so poor and that the many problems with the Pik TV system have not been fixed (some have even gotten worse). The software on the Pik TV ...

J980432 by Connector
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Resolved! PikTV On Demand Content

Does Pik TV provide on demand CBC TV serials like Heartland, Dragon's Den, Nature of Things etc. content like Optik TV box? Besides, can we watch movies from multi-cultural channels available in PikTV in "On Demand" content? Thanks, Pik

Pik by Neighbour
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NHL hockey game quality

So, more of an observation than anything, but I really notice the lack smooth sharp images during movement in hockey games with pik tv. Guess I'm just used to the full HD at 60fps I get when I cast Rogers NHL gamecenter to the pik tv box. The box is ...

Scoots by Connector
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Pik tv update

Hey i got a google account and i am wondering why this pik tv will not update when it says there is an update during a tv show etc you cant click okThen when i go to the settings it says its updated

Resolved! PikTV on a PC browser

Hi there, Do you guys know whether Telus currently supports (or plans to) watching the selected channels on a browser? I have the Ethernet cable connected to my PC and I'd like to watch stuff on my monitor. Thanks!

drp by Just Moved In
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