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Resolved! Using PIK TV, and playing a game at the same time....

Howdy. I have Pik TV on in the background while I'm playing a game. Both are connected online. How does Pik TV tell the differences between the two? Reason I'm asking. This is the first month my internet data used has gone from around 60gigs a month ...

Cwest by Neighbour
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Resolved! Pair a replacement Pik TV remote to Pik TV?

I was having issues with my Pik TV remote, so I contacted TELUS and they sent me a replacement remote that was still under warranty. I received the new remote without any instructions on how to pair it up with my existing Pik TV box. I'm not able to ...

Resolved! No CityTV on Demand?

I have CityTV on my Pik TV box. But, no on Demand? Is that normal. Will telus be adding the CityTV on demand?

Cwest by Neighbour
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Resolved! More Channels coming?

Howdy. Just wondering if more channels will be added to Pik TV? Fight Network, etc? Would love to have the WWE Network on Pik TV. Thanks,Chris.

Cwest by Neighbour
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Resolved! FX?

Why is the channel FAX not an option with Pik? I need Fargo season 3!

Coryg22 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! TMN GO access

Why can't PIK users who subscribe to the Movie Network not access their site / app? When you try to login it says you must be an Optik TV subscriber. Seems like we should have access when paying the same subscription price.

bb123 by Connector
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Resolved! Feedback: please add list view

Please add list view. Will make it much easier to navigate sections in crave tv and find what I'm looking for and also most likely be slightly faster for guide view to

Resolved! Remove from resume tab?

Anyway to remove shows from the Resume section it's already cluttering up in a matter of days

Voice Commands now available on Pik TV!

We are continuing to improve the Pik TV experience and today we launched our first version of voice commands. You can now speak to your remote from within the Pik TV app to search for your favourite shows, movies and actors as well as change channels...

melissaj by TELUS Employee
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Resolved! PikTV

I am in a rural area. Can I use internet key or smart hub with PikTV?

Monika01 by Just Moved In
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