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Resolved! Global BC HD 104 frozen as well as No stream on startup

I got PIK TV activated about 2 weeks ago. I have two very annoying problems. First is the No Video / Audio OK problem. I believe it was supposed to be fixed by latest firmware but I have latest firmware/app. I have Android security patch level March ...

Resolved! error code LP 1008

I am a little p.oed about the PicTv app.....I have 3 differend phones, and on 2 of them this app wont even open. Error code 1008, whatever that means. when i am travelling, this crap tells me " Not available in this country". What is the point of hav...

Resolved! Pik TV travelling

Hi, can i take my piktv box with me while travelling across canada and still watch all channels we subscribe to? Yes we will have access to various wifi locations during our travels.Thanks

jarrod38 by Organizer
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Resolved! Error code 4-44-140

later issue with PikTV, while watching VOD the screen will go black and this code will pop up on the screen. I think it is related to the last App update.

paw2001 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Pik TV with red light, sluggish

So I accidentally unplugged the network cable from the Pik TV and all the lights went out for some reason. I reconnected the LAN cable and power cycled the Pik TV and now the middle light on it is red. I can still use the Pik TV but it seems really s...

Nighthawk by Community Power User
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Pik TV channels go black after watching for a hour

Has anyone had the issue where the channel you are watching goes black after a hour or so? I can usually fix this by switching to a different channel then switching back but on s couple locations I had to power chose the box it’s self.

Vinny81 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! pik tv availability

Oh Telus. I've never joined a forum just to be negative but just once I'd like to call Telus and have something go according to plan. Pik TV looks great on paper but a couple things need to be mentioned. I picked up the box after seeing it at BestBuy...

Resolved! Disable Bluetooth Pairing? Security flaw?

Is there a way to disable Bluetooth Paring or make PikTV non-discoverable? I live in a densely populated apartment building (i.e.: 30+ Wi-Fi APs detectable in my unit) and one of the neighbours keeps paring their iPhone with our PikTV.It's getting qu...

Chicken by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What Happens to the 5 channels after 30 days?

I saw that they are still locked and couldn't change them until next billing cycle if I want to keep them do I have to select them again? and/or If I would like to replace them? will I be charged with the total amount or it's still going to be free?

Resolved! Loading apps on Pik TV Box

Hi, new subscriber to PikTV over here. The concept of this platform should fit very well into our viewing style and usage nowadays. We are into a combo of streaming on demand and wanting a few live TV channels from time to time. In consideration of m...

FaceMan by Friendly Neighbour
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